An adventure about reflecting at the end of a journey.
The sun sets on an adventure and there is a
moment to pause and reflect on everything that came before.
A group sits around a campfire before they have to say goodbye to one of their friends. 
A lone hero rests in the shadow of the construct that could lead to their own demise.
Tales’ End is an improvisational game about a group (or individual) remembering the journey that brought them here and reflecting on how they and the world around them have changed. Designed to open up a dialogue with prompts, the game guides players to experience an entire adventure through vignettes on the eve of the end of their travels.
The game is genre-agnostic, GM-less, and can also be experienced as a solo journaling exercise. It is intended to provide a streamlined experience for beginners, or a unique experience for established groups. The direction of the story is up to the players, with a system of prompts to provide guidance and tools to keep moving forward.
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