Written + Designed by Colin Cummings
Inspired by video games like The Yawhg and The Shrouded Isle, comes Black Heart, the second release in the Carly Rae Jepsen TTRPG trilogy following the successful Boy Problems.
Work with your fellow cultists, investigate a village and the dark secrets it hides, gain power as the veil between worlds weakens, and finally: summon an ancient god.
Over the course of a week you will discover all sorts of weird creatures and magic slipping through the weakening veil to threaten the town. By gaining power in your three core stats (Heart, Soul & Mind) you will face these challenges and grow, including gaining a mutation of great power that will change you forever.
Will you succeed in summoning the god? Many have failed before you, learn from their mistakes.

Now includes: A World and Story Guide
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11/6/19: v1.2: This version includes the 3 & 5 Day mechanic along with some other small fixes. This is a small adjustment to the numbers that allows you to run shorter games if you want! Also B&W version completed.
30/4/20: v1.3: Small updates and fixes, adjusted QR code, added Tome of Knowledge, a world building and session guide
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